Thanks to belonging to the Baudouin assistance network, MediPower is able to supply original spare parts throughout Italy in a very short time (24/48 h) and at very competitive prices.

  • Order the kits already configured for the basic maintenance of your engine directly from our e-shop.
  • For the purchase of individual spare parts or maintenance kits from 1000 h upwards, contact us.
  • For assistance interventions on Baudouin engines in Sicily, contact us

Order maintenance kits. Save 15% on the purchase of individual spare parts

MotorPower range (kVA)SpecificationsMaintenance kit 500hEngine oil required (L)
4M0618-69See PDFGo to the product21
4M1065-125See PDFGo to the product14
6M11125-200See PDFGo to the product20
6M16200-385See PDFGo to the product22
6M21375-575See PDFGo to the product34
6M21600-650See PDFGo to the product44
6M26450-550See PDFGo to the product52
6M33650-825See PDFGo to the product61
12M26815-1250See PDFGo to the product109
12M331150-1625See PDFGo to the product155
16M331750-2188See PDFGo to the product171
20M332000-2750See PDFGo to the product240
12M552000-3125See PDFGo to the product380
16M553300-4000N/AGo to the product500