Power supply of Off Grid BTS

MediPower was set up to serve the power demands of BTS Off Grid sites. MediPower’s whole business model has been designed to optimize the service level and cost drivers of this service.

MediPower is a main supplier, often sole supplier, both of mobile phone operators and Tower Operators in Italy.  

Impianti BTS - MediPower

High availability of gensets

>200 specifically designed genset. Traditional or hybrid technology, power from 10 to 30 Kva, soundproofing level even < 50 dba @ 7 m. Oversized fuel tank that allows long refueling intervals. Remote control. Additional oil tank. Remoted antitheft alarm and GPS. Loudness well below commercial standards.

Coverage of whole of Italy

From its headquarters in Marsala, MediPower’s 24/7 Monitoring Center coordinates the network of key suppliers (technical support centres, hauliers, warehouses, fuel suppliers) to meet even the most challenging service level agreements anywhere in Italy.

Interventi BTS - MediPower

Service level and response capacity

As a service focused business with dedicated facilities, MediPower guarantees: installation of power generators up to one day after the request; response time of under 4 hours in the case of breakdown; generator replacement in 12 hours in the case of serious damage, theft or breakdown.

Remote management for real time support

Thanks to its remote management system, MediPower can receive plant malfunction alerts in real time and take remedial action remotely, anticipating recovery and minimizing downtimes and the resulting loss of traffic for our customers.

BTS Telegestione - MediPower

Compliance with environmental guidelines and fiscal compliance

MediPower gensets adopt solutions that significantly reduce the risk of environmental pollution (double-chambered tanks integrated in the generator set) and sound pollution (soundproofing levels up to 50 db).

Normative BTS - MediPower

No tax obbligations for the customer

MediPower ensures all fiscal obbligations pertaining to energy production are taken care of, relieving the customer, in practice, of any responsibility to authorities.