Spare parts for Generating Sets and Marine Engines

Welcome to the page dedicated to Baudouin of Medipower, a company specialized in the supply of original spare parts for Generating Sets and Marine Engines.

With consolidated experience in the world of industrial and marine assistance and spare parts, we are ready to satisfy your needs for original spare parts and Baudouin assistance.

Baudouin Covers a wide range of power, from robust sets from 18 to 4125 kVA to powerful marine engines from 95 to 1215 kW.

Our experience in the sector allows us to guarantee the supply of spare parts in a very short time to keep your engines at maximum performance.

With our expert staff, we are also able to provide you with our technical assistance to identify the parts that make up the specific maintenance kits of each Baudouin engine.

Spare parts for generating sets

Baudouin spare parts for generating sets

Powers from 18 to 4125 kVA
Engines from 2.4 to 88l

Spare parts for marine engines

Baudouin spare parts for marine engines

Powers from 95 to 1215 kW


Baudouin has been producing high-quality engines for marine applications and generator sets for over 100 years.

Our engine range is among the widest available on the market and is renowned for its quality and reliability making us the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and marine applications.

Baudouin motors are the ideal choice for data center needs.

Baudouin’s history is intertwined with the production of superior quality engines.

The Baudouin range of diesel engines, with powers ranging from 600 to 3,300 kVA, stands out for its robustness, reliability and ability to adapt to a variety of industrial applications.

We are the ideal choice for Data Centers, offering not only high-power motors but also a dual starting system, significant load-taking capacity and an extended 2-year warranty.

Medipower is Baudouin Authorized Dealer for Sicily

Medipower is an authorized dealer for Sicily for industrial applications (Powerkit Diesel).
Request maintenance or specialist assistance on your Baudouin engine throughout Sicily.

Contact us for Baudouin spare parts needs throughout the country.
Test the convenience of buying directly from our Baudouin original spare parts site for the maintenance of your engine.

Choose Baudouin and Medipower to guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability for your energy systems.

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