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We will come to your site to identify and/or address the failure indicated.
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Rates per requested time of service *
Desired schedule * NORMAL WORKING HOURS (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00) EMERGENCY
< 4 hours from request
150 € 250 €
On same day as request (even after the 4 hours)
100 € 150 €
The calendar day following the request
50 € 100 €
* We will always attempt to respect the desired service schedule requested by the customer but we will only charge the call out fee that corresponds to the actual time we will get to the to perform the service.

Service item Price (excl. VAT) UM
Rates for emergency service
Selected in the previous table Labor (working hours and travel time)
Working hours and travel time
Normal working hours (Mon-Fri h.8:00-18:00) 45 €/Hour
Emergency 55 €/Hour
Travel costs (calculated from our Marsala headquarters)
Mileage cost 0,8 €/Km
Travel Expenses Cost + 20%
Materials OEM price List
Payment Terms
Direct payment; Cash, check or credit card

  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • If any repair requires spare parts, completion of work will depend on availability of parts.
  • We accept no responsilibity for any type of problem, caused to things or people, in relation to our failure to comply to the schedule requested by the customer.

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