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Cummins is the largest independent diesel engine manufacturer in the world, producing over 1 million engines a year. Cummins engines, with a power capacity between 23 and 2600 KW, are used in cars, industrial vehicles, trains, vessels, defence, oil and gas, energy.

MediPower, as official Cummins technical support provider, supplies engines, spare parts and services for any application. 

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Original Cummins parts

Not all engine spare parts are identical in terms of performance, reliability, durability and convenience. That is why it always worth choosing Cummins original spare parts.

Third party spare parts may be compatible with Cummins engines but they are manufactured according to procedures and using materials that are compatible with Cummins specifications.

Original spare parts are guaranteed both in terms of compatibility and in terms of function, and incorporate the latest upgrades in design, materials and production technologies.

Moreover, they are 100% covered by Cummins guarantee on components, labour and wear.

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Valvoline lubrificants

Cummins recommends you use only Valvoline engine oil.

In 1995, Valvoline and Cummins signed an agreement to share development of exclusive technologies and products, creating a solid and global partnership between two of the market leaders  in their respective sectors.

The resulting line of Valvoline Premium Blue lubricants, developed, tested and officially approved for use in Cummins engines, guarantee superior performance and longer lasting engines, and assure that “heavy duty” operators can prolong intervals between oil changes thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The Valvoline Premium Blue engine oils are available to varying degrees of viscosity, performance levels and volumes.

Thanks to economies of scale, MediPower is able to offer the Valvoline product range at unbeatable prices.

Fleetguard Coolant

It is estimated that over 40% of overall engine repair costs are related to problems originating in the cooling system. Repairs are costly and cause avoidable periods of forced stoppages.

Fleetguard products for cooling systems ensure unrivalled protection and respond to the performance specifications of the main engine manufacturers.

Thanks to economies of scale, MediPower is able to offer the Fleetguard coolant products at unbeatable prices

Fleetguard filtration

Cummins Filtration is the world leader in the design and manufacture of filtration products for diesel powered heavy duty machinery.

It is the owner of the renowned Fleetguard™brand, the leader in filtration products, compatible with Cummins machinery and a wide range of engines from other brands.

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