For over 100 years Baudouin has been producing high quality engines for marine applications and generating sets.

It is from this wealth of experience that Baudouin has built a reputation for quality and reliability.

Today, Baudouin offers one of the widest engine ranges available on the market for industrial and marine applications.

Baudouin motors are the ideal choice for data center needs.

In addition, Baudouin motors are the ideal choice for data center needs thanks to:

  • Wide range of powers (from 600 to 3,300 kVA)
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Double starting system
  • Load capacity
  • Extended warranty terms (2 years)

Medipower is Baudouin Authorized Dealer for Sicily

Medipower is an authorized dealer for Sicily for industrial applications (Powerkit Diesel).
Request maintenance or specialist assistance on your Baudouin engine throughout Sicily.

Contact us for Baudouin spare parts needs throughout the country.
Test the convenience of buying directly from our Baudouin original spare parts site for the maintenance of your engine.

Spare parts for generating sets

from 18 to 4125 kVA
from 2.4 to 88l

Spare parts for marine engines

to 95 from 1215 kW