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Medipower was founded in 2003, following the industrial success of Ausonia, a company operating in Generating Set manufacture since 1925.

Totally dedicated to the service market and active nationwide, Medipower began industrial operations in the multi-brand Generator Set market.

Its main business, full service hire of GENSETS to power off grid Base Transmission Stations, Medipower is the longstanding market leader in Italy, being the first and, to date, only company that supplies all four mobile phone operators.

Since 2012 its fleet of GENSETS comprises innovative hybrid technology developed in partnership with Ausonia for this market.

With its solid product and service expertise, Medipower’s capabilities to maximize service delivery is reflected in its 360 ° management of 4500 kVA power stations used to supply Geothermal Drilling Stations.

As a member of the consortium that is developing and executing the new Marsala leisure port project, in 2016 Medipower entered the Marine Engine Services and Parts market, becoming the authorized dealer for the main OEM engine manufacturers in the sector (Volvo Penta, MTU, Cummins).

Power supply of Off Grid Base Transceiver Stations (Off Grid BTS)

"Power supply of off grid Base Transceiver Stations": this is the market that Medipower was established to satisfy and represents its main business. Medipower’s whole business model (organization, processes, plants and systems) has been designed to optimize the service level and cost drivers of this activity. Thanks to its competitive advantage over its competitors over the years, Medipower is the unrivalled leader in the Italian market.

Support of installed fleets, Emergency GENSETS

Medipower’s capacity to efficiently and reliably manage every aspect of GENSET-related activities makes the company the ideal partner for customers with a widely distributed network of installed GENSETS that require a single supplier. To optimize its response to highly specialized customer demands, Medipower has become the authorized service centre for some of the major GENSET engine manufacturers in the energy generation business. Medipower’s know-how is employed to support 4500 kVA power stations in the supply of Geothermal Drilling Stations.

Plant rental and GENSET emergency

Exploiting capabilities developed in BTS off grid power supply, as an “Energy Supplier” rather than a component supplier, Medipower can supply energy to satisfy any power demand and dealing with every single aspect of service delivery. Medipower ensures successful execution by using both its own fleet of plants, specifically designed for this purpose, and its network of partners. Taking advantage of product/service integration and the historical experience of Ausonia in mobile energy plant production, Medipower offers its customers a dedicated fleet of mobile power stations for emergencies (breakdowns and disaster recovery).

Marine Engine Services

  • Based in Marsala, operational in all West and South Sicily ports
  • Winterization, Commissioning and engine maintenance according to OEM specifications
  • Specialized diagnostics, Surveys, Efficiency measurement on boats
  • Engine repair and overhaul, of related systems (power, hydraulics, electrics, ...) and onboard instrumentation
  • 24/7 Repair
  • Supply and/or installation of Spare parts for any brand
  • Certified Dealer for Volvo Penta, MTU, CUMMINS

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Industrial & Marine Parts

  • Thanks to our partnership with main engine brand servicing networks, our partnerships with other brands, and to our economies of scale within our network, we can supply original parts for MTU, VOLVO PENTA, CUMMINS, FLEETGUARD, FPT, Yanmar, Perkins ... at extremely competitive prices.
  • For Industrial and Marine applications

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