Integrated GENSET management services

The nature of the service business demands a dedicated approach, competence and facilities. Medipower is totally focused to deliver a complete service for energy production using GENSETS, throughout Italy and for any brand.

Technical consultancy and specialist services

Medipower will assist you in finding the appropriate solution to meet your energy management requirements, whether your challenge is technical, related to your plant, your processes  or business. Services include:

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Installation and management of GENSET plants

Medipower is able to take over the customer’s genset plant technical support throughout the plant lifecycle.


The purchase of installation services performed by a qualified service technician enables the customer to take advantage of expertise acquired over years of experience. Installation and start up of power plants by our technicians prevents future breakdowns and ensures regulations are respected. For Ausonia power plants this procedure validates the guarantee.

Preventive/programmed maintenance

Repair/special maintenance

Remote control

Emergency response Availability

Spare parts

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Full Service rental

Medipower offers a complete range of services for GENSET energy production (Equipment and accessories rental, transportation, installation, on site staff training, breakdown recovery, maintenance, fuel supply, …).

Availability of special tanks (>2000 lt) for continuous GENSET operation.

All plants are equipped with counters conforming to excise requirements and complying to GENSET energy production guidelines.


Power supply of Off Grid BTS

Medipower is the ideal partner to provide powering of Off Grid sites. Medipower’s whole business model (organization, processes and systems) has been designed to optimize the service level and cost drivers of this activity. Moreover, recent introduction of High efficiency plants in its fleet, strengthen its competitive advantage over its competitors making Medipower the unrivalled leader in providing this service to Italian Telecommunication companies.


Used GENSETS and Spare parts

Due to the ever-changing size of the fleet serviced, Medipower has access to used power generating equipment. Medipower can also offer its partnership network with GENSET manufacturers to rapidly obtain spare parts.

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Renewable energy

Since 2012, Medipower has differentiated its range of services and offers support to worldwide leading manufacturer of electronic components for renewable energy power stations. Medipower is an authorised support centre for Ingeteam.