Exploiting capabilities developed in BTS off grid power supply, Medipower operates since 2005 in the Rental business.

Medipower's approach to the rental market is as an "Energy Supplier", that is to say that the company manages, beside equipment rental, shipping, installation, rental of cables/tanks/TLC switchboards, fuel supply, breakdown recovery, maintenance. 
Thanks to this approach, Medipower is today the supplier of choice to important players in the Distribution and Facility management sector. 

Large fleet of Gensets

To respond to development in the sector, Medipower has adopted a substantial multiyear investment programme, a large and varied fleet of gensets that will allow the company, using its own resources, to match market requirements in Sicily, its highest volume region.
Even in this case, plants have been specifically designed for the service based on the field experience acquired. These plants offer immediate advantages to the customer in terms of reliability, usability and economic convenience (larger-sized fuel tanks, command and control switchboards in parallel, automatic startup and remote management, rapid connection to external tanks, battery interrupters, forklift guides for easy movement…).
Medipower places very high value on product/service integration and has exploited the historical experience of Ausonia in mobile energy plant production to develop a dedicated fleet of mobile power stations for emergencies (breakdowns and disaster recovery).
Thanks to its network of warehouses and TSC partners throughout Italy, Medipower delivers its “On-call emergency GENSET service” to numerous national telephone operators.

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