Power supply of off grid Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)

The power supply of Base Transceiver Stations is the market that Medipower was established to satisfy and represents its main business. The service is dedicated specifically to mobile telephone operators (or similar) with energy supply demands in sites that are difficult to access and for long periods of time.

Medipower’s whole business model (organization, processes, plants and systems) has been designed to optimize the service level and cost drivers of this activity. Thanks to its competitive advantage over its competitors over the years, Medipower is the unrivalled leader in the Italian market (Medipower is currently the sole supplier of all 4 mobile telephone operators in Italy).

Tailored solutions, tangible and immediate benefits

Medipower’s success has been achieved both by tailoring its processes, organization and technological infrastructure for this service and by supplying energy through plants engineered specifically for this market by  Ausonia, the mother company.
Thanks to their functional characteristics, gensets in the Medipower fleet guarantee:

As a result Medipower optimizes its costs and passes on the benefits to customers in terms of:

Customers that choose Medipower gain the following advantages:

Wide gensets availability

Availability of a genset fleet of over 300 plants of a variety of technologies (traditional and high efficiency), power (from 5 to 30 kVA) and noise level (50, 55 e 60 DBa at 7 m). All plants have been specifically tailor-engineered for the service with following features:

  • high fuel autonomy (high efficiency and high capacity fuel tank);
  • remote control system and alarm detection;
  • additional oil tanks
  • robbering and intentional damage protection
  • noise levels below market standards.

Moreover, through the close ties with Ausonia, Medipower is capable of transforming in-service field experience into product innovation to constantly maximize functionality.  The recent launch of high efficiency gensets derive from this modus operandi.

Effective coverage of in the whole country territory

Thanks to its complete network of suppliers (support centres, shippers, warehouses, fuel suppliers), that is coordinated by Medipower’s Network monitoring center (NMC), Medipower can guarantee best in class service level in the whole country.

All the suppliers operate under direction of Medipower Network Monitoring Center, active 24x7, and fully integrated within the organization (scheduling activities, documentation, I.T. network, technical training, spare parts supply).

Service levels and delivery capabilities

As a focused, specialist service provider and with its own dedicated facilities, Medipower can guarantee (Italian case):

  • GENSET installation in 1 to 3 days from the request
  • Emergency response times in the case of plant malfunction under 4 hours
  • GENSET replacement free of charge in the case of serious damage, theft or breakdown of the plant.

Moreover the monitoring systems at the Country Headquarters allow the Network monitoring center to effectively manage operations over a wide geographical area. Medipower is able to monitoring the installed fleet operational status in real time, receiving, in case of fault or functional problems, alert via SMS or through  the real time update of the Network monitoring system.
In case of alarm, NMC’s operators can perform test cycles and first diagnosis of the fault. This results in a significant reduction in intervention/repair time, minimizing BTS downtime and traffic loss for the clients.

Compliance with environmental guidelines

Medipower is ISO 14001 certified, with a high regard for environmental impact and the resulting requirements. In particular, the gensets adopted significantly reduce the environmental risks (tanks with double chambers integrated into the genset structure) and acoustic pollution (soundproofing up to 50 db).